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Gas Services

As the price of Gas continues to rise, more and more of the UK population rely on gas to provide us with warm homes and hot water throughout the year. It is imperative that your system is functioning to its full capacity to provide you with maximum warmth with minimum costs.

Here at Gas Smart Solutions we provide our services to ensure that your systems are working to their fullest.

Servicing & Breakdown

Gas Smart Solutions offer a very customer friendly approach to the maintenance and repair of gas appliances. We fully understand the inconvenience of a boiler out of action and therefore we will always do our best to attend to the appliance the same day.

65% of our repairs are completed within the first hour with most parts sourced and fitted the same day, making boiler repairs from Gas Smart Solutions both stress-free and affordable.

Servicing can also be carried out evenings and weekends to avoid any disruption to our customerís daily working lives.

Gas Safety Inspections

It is a legal requirements for landlords to have a gas safety inspection carried out every 12 months. A Safety Inspection in itself doesnít require the appliance to be serviced but to only check that all gas appliances and pipework are in work working order.

At Gas Smart Solutions we service each appliance that we inspect to insure that it is working efficiently for your tenants and to hopefully extend the life of the appliance.

Cookers and Fires

At Gas Smart Solutions we strongly recommended you have your gas fire serviced annually to ensure your safety and that the appliance is running correctly. We are fully qualified in the installation, service and repair of both fires and cookers so donít hesitate to contact us.

Boilers and Central Heating

Old systems can be inefficient, costly to run and even dangerous.

Changing your inefficient, old boiler for a modern high efficiency appliance could slash your fuel bills by as much as 40%.

When changing appliance we also fully flush out the system, treat it with inhibitor and ensure the system is correctly configured to minimise further corrosion within the system and maximise efficiency.

Gas Smart Solutions offer a range of services to ensure that your system is operating to its full potential including:

   Boiler Upgrades
   Radiator & System Upgrades
   Installations of Radiator and Room Thermostats
   Hot Water System Upgrades
   Power Flushing
   Installation of a Magna Clean filter (please click here to see a video)